It’s amazing how one night can change everything in your life.

That night everything changed for Andrea. The techno, that tribal voodoo rhythm and the collective ritual of rebellious dancers. It was more than just music, it was a spiritual and soulful thing. A beauty so surreal, he thought it could never be put into words.
Walking back home among the abandoned factories in the first lights of the morning, Andrea realised he has never felt before a part of something this important and unique, once it’s really inside you it will be inside of you forever.
And so the journey began. Andrea accumulated a massive collection of vinyl, two turntables, and a mixer, inspired by the powerful vibration of the free parties and the techno music.

Within a few months, together with his friends in abandoned houses and empty factories on the outskirts of the city, the Crop Circle Unit soundsystem was born. The years that followed can only be described as magic, and are still looked back at with fond memories. Together with the Crop Circle Unit Andrea participated and played in various epic scale events and underground festivals in Italy, Austria, France, Czech Republic and Hungary, .

Time went by, Andrea moved to Vienna and with the lifetime friend Andy Spark he began his first music productions. Their union and friendship that filled intense afternoons and endless nights in the studio gave birth to a project `Fisso & Spark´. After experimenting with different styles they rapidly fell in love with one of the freshest and innovative sounds of the time, the Breakbeat.

Their first big break came in 2008, they signed their first contract with the trendsetting Dead Famous Records from UK. It was a big start as their first release charted high on Beatport and got a warm reception from DJs worldwide. Several releases, remixes and collaborations on other labels such as VIM, Kick It, Distinctive Records followed. Fisso & Spark found their home at Ground Level Records, one of the most innovative and recognised Breaks labels of the time. The duo soon became one of the most fresh and exciting acts in the international Breakbeat scene, with several tracks topping the Beatport chart, international gigs and the support by BBC Radio 1 and DJ Mag. In 2012 they released their debut album `Future´ on Ground Level, which became the third best-selling release on Beatport in their genre. The album was nominated as ‘Best Album’ at the legendary Breakspoll Awards in London.

Andrea always kept his love for techy, deep grooves too, and started working on his own productions under his own name `Andrea Fissore´.
With many releases on international, independent labels such as Akbal, Sleep is Commercial and Hot Fingers, Andrea developed his unique trademark sound. In 2013 he gained the attention from Loaded and Skint Records, home of Fatboy Slim. His release `Ask Yourself´ on Skint received great feedback and was on rotation on Ministry Of Sound.

The following year Andrea was contacted by the dutch label Armada Music, one of the most influential labels in the electronic music world. They loved his forward thinking, timeless sound and started to collaborate. The first release was `The Place I Know´, which very quickly became Andrea’s most played, and most blogged, track to date. An invitation to make an album for Armada soon followed. The album was a very great and challenging project for Andrea, he gladly accepted and got to work! After an intense year the album `My World´ was released in 2015 and is currently on sale at all major retailers. It charted #16 on Beatport’s deep house charts, was reviewed by a wide selection magazines and blogs and collected hundred of thousands plays online.

2016 is shaping up to be a great year for Andrea, with an exciting release schedule already planned on veteran labels as King Street Sounds (NY), Shaboom (LA) and the well established Tulipa Recordings, Endless Music, Census Sound and Marshall Jefferson’s new label Freakin 909.

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